Lucha Popular – Haitian constitution. But in Jovenel’s case, the majority of the population had already expressed its will since 2018 that Jovenel should not continue as head of state because he was always making decisions that were contrary to the interests of the popular masses and of the country. Things have gotten worse since then, with all the presidential executive orders that

Masivas protestas en Haití contra Moise

have been issued to satisfy his interests and those of the group of people that maintain him in power. And on February 7th, 2021, he began a new phase of repression fighting even harder to stay in power.

On February 7 th , he stepped up the repression against all combatants, against the people in the popular masses who disagree with his leadership of the country, and against progressive organizations or political parties in the opposition.

He already had issued many anti-popular, antidemocratic dictatorial executive orders. His objective to bring about a state of repression and terror is evident.

Jovenel’s government has been setting up traps for his political adversaries in fake plots to overthrow the state.

He has used these traps as a pretext to make illegal and arbitrary arrests, using the repressive state apparatus that he controls, like the police, the justice system, the army, the gangs and groups of PHTK supporters, to terrorize and repress the popular masses and his political opponents.

At the same time, he is making all kinds of political and or economic deals with imperialist representatives, bourgeois and big land owners who support him, to stay in power.

The last example of this is the illegal executive order granting to Apaid the right to develop an agroindustrial free-trade zone for export in the Savanne Dianne, Saint Michel de L’Attalaye and Pignon region. We denounce this decree with all our strength.

All peasants throughout the country must stand up against this project to exploit our country’s riches in the interest of a few big bourgeois capitalists.

Clearly, Jovenel as head of state is on a mission to liquidate all of the country’s riches, mineral resources, taking over fertile lands of small peasants to give them over to capitalists to exploit and oppress all laborers and violently repress all those in the popular masses who stand against these projects.

This is the context in which the Jovenel regime is attempting to set up an ultra-repressive dictatorial regime, even worse than those before 1986. WE SAY NO to the liquidation of our national riches! No to the repression against militant combatants! No to the establishment of a neo-duvalierist dictatorship!

The mandate that the local bourgeoisie and the CORE Group had given Jovenel has expired. Therefore, he must step down and gather all his rags to await a public tribunal to put him on trial for all the abuses of power against the popular masses, for the corruption, financial crimes and liquidation of the country’s natural resources.

The terror and repression campaigns that are being used against those in opposition to Jovenel’s regime in order to block the demands of the popular masses and to bring back the country under a brutal dictatorship must stop. In order to stop this, the people’s camp must take on its own responsibility.

We must take our own destiny in hand to force Jovenel and all his acolytes to step down from power and to stop the imperialists from intervening in our internal affairs.

And for this to really happen, the people’s camp must reinforce its organizations of struggle to engage in a democratic uprising to so that it can effect its own orientation in any transition government that emerges and not be its victim again like it is projected in the transitions of “rupture” that are currently being proposed.

Otherwise the people’s camp will still be under the domination of the new representatives of the exploiting ruling classes.

Only with this approach can the people’s camp take its own destiny in hand, in its own interest, to build its own project of a new kind of society, without relying on any politicians, even those who are in today’s opposition against Jovenel.

The struggle to bring down Jovenel is the struggle to resist against the ruling classes and fight to break away from under imperialist domination.

The CORE Group, the OEA, the UN and the imperialist embassies are working together to maintain Jovenel in power, against the interest of Haiti. This struggle cannot be waged in a free-for-all in order for the prevailing forces to be in the advantage of the people’s camp!

We must have a general uprising to bring down this rotten state along with the Jovenel/PHTK government!

Down with the corrupt bourgeois state, lackey of imperialists and big landowners!

Let’s organize to block all opportunist thieving politicians from replacing Jovenel at the head of this rotten state!

Long live the autonomous struggle of the popular masses, with laborers as the pillar, under working class leadership!

Long live a state that is working in the interests of laborers!

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