Comrade workers and laborers,
Things have gone too far! We say we can’t take it anymore!

We, workers and laborers, are the ones who carry this country (Haiti) on our backs. We won’t let the traditional politicians drag us behind them. We Say No More! Government after government, coups, occupations, fraudulent elections, Duvalier, Lavalas, GNB, PHTK… nothing has ever changed for us workers, laborers and the popular masses. On the contrary, we live in utter poverty. The rising cost of living is killing us. These imperialist bourgeois lackey governments never raise our wages while everything we need to live gets more and more expensive. We are just sinking ever faster into an endless hole of misery.

We see clearly that every government that gets into power brings along their own group of corrupt thieves who plunder the state on our backs, workers, laborers and the popular masses. They always make beautiful promises to us, but these are all just lies.

Nowadays there are no jobs, we live in fear because of gang violence in cahoots with the rotten state. Corrupt thieves in the state are becoming more and more arrogant. There is no electricity, no drinking water, there are no roads, there are traffic jams everywhere. Big land owners and their bourgeois associates are robbing small peasants and throwing them off their lands.

Here are our demands:

  • Living wages with all necessary social subsidies so we can live like human beings
  • A real agrarian reform with subsidies for peasants
  • Eliminate all state corruption
  • Respect the rights of all laborers and students to express their ideas and demands
  • Free education for all children without any discrimination
  • Invest in national production so that the country can be sovereign
  • An end to imperialist interferenceThere is only one way to achieve this, we must organize ourselves to destroy this rotten state and create our own state, under the control of our own organizations to defend our own interests.There must be a general uprising to overthrow this rotten state along with the PHTK government!Down with the rotten bourgeois lackey state, lackey of big land owners and imperialists! Let’s organize to stop all opportunist politicians and thieves from seizing power!Long live the autonomous struggle of the popular masses, with laborers as the pillar and under working class direction!Long Live a Worker’s and Laborer’s State!

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